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What is Coo Rides?

Coo Rides is an intelligent, multi modal personal commute platform that is solving the short distance connectivity problem in cities. Coo Rides uses a patented smart dock system and a smartphone app to provide convenient access to bicycles, electric bicycles, electric Scooters and electric Rickshaw rides when and where you need it the most.

What isCan I use Cash to use Coo Rides?

No, you cannot use cash to use Coo Rides. You will need to download the Coo Rides App through the App Store or Play store and register with a PAN card or any other government ID card. You will have to register for a membership using your Credit Card, Debit Card or digital payment systems like UPI or net banking.

Using Coo Rides

How to register with Coo Rides?

Once you've downloaded the Coo Rides app, you will need to create a personal Coo Rides Account. All you need is a local phone number to receive an OTP via SMS to register. If you are having trouble in receiving the OTP via SMS, click “Resend OTP” on the verification page.

After the OTP verification, you have to complete your profile on the Coo Rides app by entering your personal details and uploading a government approved identity card with your address. (Note: Coo Rides does not accept Pan Cards or Employee IDs for KYC). 

How long does the KYC verification take?

If AADHAAR card is uploaded, the profile is activated within 30 minutes, for all other IDs activation will take upto 24 hours. Please note that if the document uploaded is blurred or is not an approved government identity card, you will be asked to upload the KYC document once again with a clear image. In case your account is not activated within 24 hours please call our call center for assistance

How do I find the nearest Coo Rides station available?

When you open the Coo Rides app, navigate to Home on the menu tab and you shall see the map page. In the map you should be able to see the Coo Rides stations located near your location. If you cannot see your location pin, press the location pointer button on the right side of the screen that will recalibrate your location. Make sure that you have enabled location access and have active data on your phone to allow for this functionality.

How to unlock a Bike?

Walk over to any of the Coo Rides stations across the city. Scan the QR code on the back of a bike and allow bluetooth to connect with the bike’s smart dock. You should hear a buzzer notifying that the bike has unlocked. Firmly pull out the bike from the dock and start your ride.

How to end the ride?

Coo Rides has designated docking stations throughout the city. To end your ride you will have to approach a nearby station to drop the bike. Align the smart dock on the bike and the metal plate on the station and push the bike in completely, hold the bike in the same position until you hear a beep from the bicycle smart lock. Once you hear the beep your ride has ended.

How do I pay for my rides?

Before you can ride, you will need to maintain a usage balance in your account. Depending on your location you may use a credit card, debit card or even wallets. In the Coo app, under the main menu select “Payments” to find your existing balance. You can topup your balance by selecting the “Add money” option

You may check your account balance in your profile at any time. In the Coo app, under the main menu select “Payments” to find your existing balance.

How do I top up my wallet?

In the Coo app, under the main menu select “Payments” to find your existing balance. You can topup your balance by selecting the “Add money” option. You cannot directly withdraw the balance from your wallet, but don’t worry, it will never expire, so you can use it anytime with Coo Rides.

What if I don’t find space to dock the bike?

The moment you take the bike from the station, the Coo app shows the count of the number of free docks at each of the stations on the map, please make sure beforehand that the station you are heading to has enough number of free dock points. Please note that the bike is your responsibility until the bike is safely docked into one of the Coo Rides docking stations.

What if my bike breaks down? 

Please proceed to one of the nearest Coo Rides stations and dock the bike into one of the docks, end your ride and if you would like to continue your ride please choose another bike at the station and follow the unlock instructions. 

If you are having any further issues, please Call us for Contact Us.

What if my Bike gets Lost/Stolen? 

If you find that you have lost your bike or suspect that it has been stolen, please call us immediately. Please note that the bike is your responsibility until the ride has ended. Penalties shall be applicable if misuse has been detected.

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How long do refunds take to reflect in my account?

Depending on your payment method, it may take upto 7 working days for the refund process to be fully completed. If you have any concerns please contact your support team on support@coorides.in 

What do I do if I have negative balance in my account?

If your wallet has a negative balance, you will not be able to unlock a Coo Rides Bike. Simply top-up your account to a positive balance to enable use of your account. Navigate to Payments tab in Menu list and select add money.