Safety Instructions

Look after yourself

  • Do not perform Stunts
  • Use Hand Signals
  • Ring the Bell!
  • Wear a Helmet

Stay Alert

  • Riding under the Influence is a BIG No No!
  • Do not use a mobile while riding
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Stay clear of any obstacles

While crossing road

  • Get off the Bike
  • Do not rush

Riding on Roads

  • Always ride on the left side of the traffic flow
  • Do not ride fast
  • Always make sure you are visible to the driver

Maintain a safe distance

  • Keep your distance from other pedestrians, cyclists or motorists
  • Ride at least 1.5 mts away from parked cars
  • Ride at least 0.5 mts away from pavements
  • Ride at least a metre away from Cars, Trucks or Buses